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When Hasbro launched this Nerf elite product, it had been rumoured being one from the better engineered and highly modifiable product with the series. The successor for the successful stampede ECS, the Rapidstrike CS-18 had few amazing upgrades. It was much less complicated, experienced a better consistency and due to your improved gearbox, the darts stopped quickly plus the range impressed us a great deal. It is an very popular model, as well as the reason for such popularity is always that model can easily be modified. You can get burst firing to power packed voltage batteries, better motor etcetera. If you are someone who likes to do something about it, Rapidstrike CS-18 is the perfect gun to suit your needs. But how can it hold as being a package, well we review various aspects available for you. you can also check out this site to find other models we have not covered in here

How does the design and style hold up?

So if we got this model, there we were unimpressed from the packaging. Hasbro can have done a better job with this, but that’s the sole complaint we with the style.

It is because of the far the best design coupled with some dope technicalities. Out on the box you will get three primary strap points, five tac rails, a good looking transparent dart clip that may hold up to 18 darts, riffled barrel and tray to support the batteries which acts because the front half with the fore grip, if it is doubled. This model uses the tested blue & orange scheme with occasional greys. The Rapidstrike branding is likely to protrude somewhat. The design for people, was in excess of satisfactory.

But perform ergonomics coordinate with the design and style? Yes they are doing in a brilliant way. The hefty batteries can generate problems for some however they weight issues are compensated since you will be with your secondary hand to carry the fore grip while most of your hand are able to do all the triggering work. The fore grip provides excellent support and overall the Rapidstrike CS-18 is very good to hold on to. Also we've got no complications with plastic along with the material is simply by far the most beneficial you can find. Good job Hasbro!

Firstly making use of this model is child’s play. If you want to obtain the internal motors running simply push the acceleration trigger and hit the firing trigger.

You can fire shots by 50 % different ways. You can fire single shots along with short bursts. How to use it, is often a more of your own choice, but we way more fun while shooting in bursts. This model has some power hungry motors, with the result that you need to use the “C” cell batteries.

If you wish to shoot in auto mode, you will probably have a range near to 60 feet, while shooting in a arc. However if you allow flywheels hit their maximum speed your dart will travel close on the advertised 75 feet distance. We were struggling to reach this mark, but it absolutely was just shy of 2 feet.

The the next thing that’s impressive could be the dart speed. It can travel with the unbelievable velocity of 68 feet per second. It is not high when we got in Nerf N-strike Elite Retaliator but that it was very all-around it. This top speed enables the darts to pay for a little more distance.

The thing that left us slightly unimpressed was the rate-of-fire. Which is unfortunate, because any devices with this model is first-rate. You will probably be able to fully pull out the drum in near 7 seconds. Hasbro, may have done a better job only at that.

The Rapidstrike CS-18 did jam a few times, but we retain the poor dart quality accountable for this. If you face such issues, you'll be able to fix that by utilizing slightly powerful batteries.
Overall, we give thumbs up on the performance on this model.

Is it really worth the price?

The Rapidstrike CS-18 comes in a retail price of 39$. But since this model arrived last year you are able to easily understand for 30$. For this price, it is usually a steal. The reason we have been saying that is because with the modification capabilities on this model. To add to that you receive solid performance plus a decent design with premium build. So if you obtain this model approximately 35$, your fun quotient is defined to rise.

Our Final Conclusion

Hasbro has continued its trend of innovation on this model. It can be a dream become a reality for a modder but it really is quite impressive in the stock form too. It is often a clear flagship device. You get a premium feel in an impressive price and that we would give it 8.7 stars from 10

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